Battle of Antiocheia
Part of Terran War of Hegemonia
Date December 21, G2015
Location Antiocheia, Syria
Result Pyrrhic Muslim-Socialist Victory
Muslim-Socialist Alliance
  • Hellenic Liberal Party
  • Arabic Movement for Independence
  • Hezbollah Remnants
  • Hamas Remnants
Socivm Amicorvm
  • Greater Zion Party
  • Socivm Legion
Commanders and leaders
Kallistrata Pellaia, Shareef Al-Shadid†, Abdul-Hamid Mero Legate Qvartvs†, Doron Lee†, Marcvs Cornelivs Scipio, Dov Sharon†
8,192 Hellenes, 2,764 Brotherhood Troops, 3,264 Al-Qaeda Troops, 13,542 Syrian Governmental Troops, 10,883 Syrian Guerilla Troops, 4,880 Hezbollah Troops Legio VI Romanvs (10,600 Legionnaires, 3,000 Auxiliaries), Legio VII Levantorvm (10,8000 Legionnaries, 5,500 Auxiliaries), 6,280 Zionists
Casualties and losses
824 Hellenes, 1,553 Brotherhood (338 KIA, 827 WIA, 388 MIA), 1,928 Al-Qaeda (523 KIA, 1,124 WIA, 281 MIA), 6,624 Syrian troops KIA, ~90,000 Syrian civilians 7,854 Legionnaries and 1,185 Auxiliaries of Legio VI, 5,255 Legionnaires and 3,326 Auxiliaries of Legio VII, complete destruction of Zionists

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