Alternative names Hwanin III
Orbital characteristics
Aphelion 195,674,015 km (1.308 AU)
Perihelion 188,493,317.0 km (1.26 AU)
Semi-major axis 192,083,666 km (1.284 AU)
Orbital period 486 Standard Days
Average orbital speed 61560 km/hr, 17.100km/s
Inclination 14.63° to Hwanin's Equator
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 12,088.1 km
Equatorial radius 12,321.8 km
Polar radius 11,835.2 km
Flattening .03949
Circumference 77,420.1 km (Equatorial)
Surface area 1,857,886,987 km2
Volume 7.526x1012 km3 (about 6.949 Earths)
Mass 3.925x1025 kg (about 6.57 Earths)
Mean density 5.215 g/cm3
Equatorial surface gravity 17.253 m/s2 (Equatorial), 18.7 m/s2 (Polar)
Escape velocity 21.039km/s
Sidereal rotation period .955 d
Equatorial rotation velocity 3377.8 km/hr, .938 km/s
Surface temperature min mean max
Kelvin 210 289 328
Celsius −53.2°C 15.8°C 54.3°C
Surface pressure 128.938 kPa (MSL)

65% Nitrogen, 26% Oxygen, 1.6% Methane 1% Xenon, 1% Argon, .91% Carbon Dioxide,

.6% Helium, .4% Hydrogen, 2% Water vapor (2.8-5.8%)
Societal Data
Segmentum Segmentum Asia
Planet Classification Lair World
Factions Tropas Libre, Celeran City-State, various city-states
Primary Species Humans
Population 8.42 billion
Nominal Population Density 9.85/km2
Physiological Density 41.05/km2

Handan (ko. 한단) is the planet in which the Korean extraterrestrial kingdom of Baekryeoh is located.

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