Sentinel Militiamen, (Sphere lexicon Haploi ἁπλοι) are the most basic of the Posterity of the Sentinel infantry forces.


Dubbed Haploi, or simple, or Haploteroi by the Lagikoi given their rather unpresuming appearance in light of the Posterity's tendency to go full out on the high-tech gear, the Posterity's militiamen are the backbone of an early Posterity camp. While equipped with standard and rather drab gear by Posterity standards, having kinetic rifles that are basically attenuated version of a railgun certainly attest to Posterity's technological standards. However, like any nonprofessional volunteers, they generally do not receive battle-tested armor and thus suffer at the defensive side. To that matter, they are marginally more fragile than their allied Lagikoi Ethelontai.

Given their familiarity with the railgun technology, it is not surprising that railgun stands as an support equipment of choice for many Haploi squads. Chirugeonic kits are also popular choices to help mitigate their rather poor survivability.


Lagikos ExegetesEdit

These brave men are our allies' most basic infantry. Their weapons are technologically superior to ours, granting them more firepower. They are also fairly well armored, so they have standing power only marginally less than our own Skopoi and Peripolai brethren. They can be equipped with powerful railguns, making them effective tank busters.

Posterity MentisEdit

Our basic soldiers are well-equipped, although their armor isn't exceptional. Their guns will be more than adequate in a firefight, giving them an edge against most enemies. Green soldiers however will perform poorly in a hand-to-hand combat, so prepare your strategy accordingly. These men are rather expensive to arm.

Infantid SmartsmithEdit

These bad guys with shooty, bluey, flashy guns are quite scary. Their bluey guns are nasty and we can't be expected to kick their butts without any advantages. However, these guys are surprisingly puny. If we can get close to them, we can beat them up and take their guns.

Imperial GrammateasEdit

Fellow humans allied with the natives have impressive technology. Their kinetic weaponry give them a great advantage in a firefight. While the power of the weapon is greatly diminished by heavy armor, this is not a foolproof solution: they have railguns that can pierce heavy armor with ease. While their weaponry do impressive damage especially against poorly armored targets, our Akrobolistai have better range. Use that to your advantage.

Libertarian AdviserEdit

The collectivist fools allied with the other collectivist Lagikoi have respectable weapons. They can easily tear apart our Cultists if they can get good shots off. Nonetheless, our infantry are better trained in marksmanship, so as long as we have cover or some terrain advantage, we can expect to come out on top.

In-Game DataEdit

Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 350 per squad member
Armor Infantry
Cost 425 requisition, reinforcement 125 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Barracks
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 3/6
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Kinetic Carbine (35/140), Knife (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Chirugeonic kit, Railgun
Max Support Equipment 1

Haploi are the basic infantry of the Posterity faction, available as soon as a Barrack is built. Haploi take a high end position in terms of strength, stronger than Peripolai, Cultists, Shooter Babies and Hurler Babies. They are also more well-rounded than the Imperial Akrobolistai, although the Akrobolistai have certain advantages over the Haploi. Kinetic Carbine allow them to deal good damage against infantry, although they are less durable than Peripolai or Lagikoi Skopoi. Chirugeonic Kit allow them to take more damage and regenerate faster, and Railgun increases their capability as support units, allowing them to be viable even in the late game.

Railguns are setup weapons: while the Posterity's technology is strong enough to allow for portable railguns, it isn't advanced enough to provide a power source small enough to power a full-scale railgun to be fired on the move. As such, railguns must be set up, which includes the setting up of the portable power generator. However, railguns more than compensate for that weakness with amazing range and firepower: with it the humble Haploi can pose a significant threat to even high-tech high-armored vehicles, even the mighty Promachos mech used by the Arche.

First Lampardian WarEdit

Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 315 per squad member
Armor Infantry
Cost 480 requisition, reinforcement 110 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Barracks
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 4/8
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Autorifle (30/150), Knife (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Fragmentation Grenade
Max Support Equipment 1

The Militiamen in the First Lampardian War serves as the depiction of the common armed men of the Sentinels. Given the lack of war beforehand in the peaceful atmosphere of Polysiton, Militamen are poorly trained and poorly equipped compared to their more able counterparts in the second war. While they wear a bit of protective gear, the lack of standardized protective gear makes the more fragile compared to their later counterparts, and their combat capabilities are significantly less due to the usage of older weapons and lesser marksmanship skills. Nonetheless, they are only marginally more expensive than their Lagikoi counterparts and still more accurate with their guns than their Lagikoi counterparts. They are best used in tandem with the Cadets, who can support them by identifying targets, heal wounded soldiers, or provide light fire support from afar.