Kyriakos is the series of tanks employed by the Lagikoi ever since the invasion of Polysiton by the Evil Baby Corporation. Kyriakos series tanks are the most common tanks employed by the Lagikoi, and the series originates from the small mini-tanks employed by Areus Megas, which was later dubbed Kyriakos Leptos.

Kyriakos LeptosEdit

Kyriakos Leptos (Unaccented Greek: Κυριακος Λεπτος) is the first iteration of the Kyriakos tanks, and the smallest. As stated above, the mini-tank was designed by Areus Megas, and this version is not a true tank as it not a vehicle, but rather a battle drone. Its specifications are unknown, although it is known that it was equipped with HE shells and given its rather good armor and the poor equipments given to the EBC warband that Areus faced, Kyriakos Leptos was immune to all attacks that the EBC threw at it, so the EBC didn't bother with attacking the drone at all. The first iteration of the battle drone was limited in intelligence: it was only capable of patrolling the piece of platform it landed on while shooting at an enemy directly at it, whether or not it was vulnerable to the explosive shell of the drone.

A enlargened version of this, the Kyriakos Leptos Euerkes, is the improved version of the unmanned Kyriakos Leptos. Given additional armor plating, more sophisticated electronics to increase usability, and a heavier gun, Kyriakos Leptos Euerkes is a light (by vehicle standards) anti-tank weapon of choice for Lagikoi armies at the times of the Second Lampardian War. Although lightly armored by vehicle standards, it is one of the tougher drone units, thus antipersonnel weapons will deal negligible amount of damage, while its even tougher plating allows it to withstand one or two anti-tank weapons if lucky.

Kyriakos ProterosEdit

Kyriakos Proteros (Unaccented Greek: Κυριακος Προτερος) is the first generation medium tank of the Lagikoi, used very frequently by the Territorial Independence Army in the First Lampardian War. The Kyriakos is perhaps one of the most minimalist war machines ever designed by the Lagikoi, being originally an enlargement of Kyriakos Leptos, featuring nothing but an anti-tank gun, although by the Second Lampardian War, the need for anti-personnel firepower led many poorer militias and TIA sects that could not adopt the Kyriakos Hysteros to improvise by adding a machine gun, most usually a coaxial one. Given its minimalistic design, it was a mass-produced tank, and the resulting high stocks and low prices have led to it being a vehicle of choice for poorer militia, who generally could not afford its successor, the Kyriakos Hysteros. Its light weight is also a boon, as the Kyriakos is the only Lagikoi tank that can be carried by the bous cargo plane, allowing it to be used in airborne operations unlike other tanks. Thus the tank is used alongside its newer counterpart despite its relative weakness.

Historically, the Kyriakos tank has been a battle-proven tank of the TIA, alongside the more modern Diakonos tank especially as the EBC never had the combat doctrine or experience of facing an armored vehicle before. Although suicide babies were partially effective in dealing with the tanks, not only were the suicide babies a mere delaying tactic in lieu of effective counters to armor, Kyriakoi were often supported by columns of infantry as well as Belis antipersonnel tanks which more often than not took up the EBC infantry. Given the EBC lack of experience in both fighting armored vehicles and making them, collisions between EBC forces and TIA armored divisions often resulted in what could be considered reenactment of the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, TIA playing the role of the Soviets, and the EBC the Japanese.

While the Hysteros became the tank of choice for most TIA armies, poorer armies that weren't so lucky enough to get enough of the Hysteroi still operate the Proteroi. However, by the times of the Second Lampardian Wars, improvements have been made to allow them to keep up in a minimalistic sense against the tougher and more sophisticated vehicles of the xenoi factions. Nonetheless, the Kyriakoi Proteroi Epidoseis are well-rounded tanks that serve as a very reliable bulwarks of an TIA army if Hysteroi aren't available.

Kyriakos HysterosEdit

Kyriakos Hysteros (Unaccented Greek: Κυριακος 'Υστερος) is a modernized iteration of the successful Kyriakos tank employed by Lagikoi forces of both the Territorial Independence Army and Rhakotean Nomarchy. Whereas the Kyriakos Proteros was developed as a vehicular version of the Kyriakos Leptos, Kyriakos Hysteros was conceptualized as a modular tank supported by detachable weapons.


Lagikos ExegetesEdit

  • Kyriakos Leptos: The tank-like drone is our liberator Areus's idea made anew: while it is not a true tank and thus not as durable as one, it is armored enough to withstand some anti-personnel fire. The Kyriakos Leptos is best used against lighter tanks, and makes for great screen against flanking maneuvers by lighter vehicles.
  • Kyriakos Proteros: These are tanks of old design, and these were the tanks that rolled in our armored ranks in our previous war against the Evil Baby Corporations. They are of very simple design, which makes them cheap and light, allowing them to survive even when more advanced vehicles are fielded which are more than a match for the Proteros. Take advantage of their cheapness and ruggedness, and they will pull more weight than what is expected.
  • Kyriakos Hysteros: These are our primary battle tanks, and these stand in the vanguard against the foreign invaders. Whereas the Proteros was of minimalist design, the Hysteros is not so, and are much more expensive than its predecessor. What it does have is a larger hull, stronger armor, and better weapons, making them the bulwark behind which our forces will push out the invaders.

Posterity MentisEdit

  • Kyriakos Leptos: Our allies field the weapon that harks back unto our own reformation. These battle drones are heavier than our own, and the Leptos is despite its light weight has respectable anti-vehicle capabilities.
  • Kyriakos Proteros: Our brave allies, despite the wealth of the planet, are fairly behind in the economic infrastructure. While our Lagikoi allies have made great strides in technology, most of it is focused on food harvesting and their industrial capabilities still fledging. Thus they use these tanks even though they have developed the more advanced Hysteros.
  • Kyriakos Hysteros: The Lagikoi allies are an inventive people. While their industrial capabilities are lacking, their creativity is not. They have adopted our manufacturing systems slowly, and while the Lagikoi industrial infrastructure is still fledging, they are using it to produce these more advanced tanks, more than adequate for most purposes except against the most heavily armored foes.

Infantid SmartsmithEdit

  • Kyriakos Leptos: The big bad blue bunny that started this whole thing had with him small cars with guns that our pizzas couldn't get to. So they decided to build these toy cars, but bigger and more boomy. Our guns that our shooter boys have won't be enough, so have bombs ready if you see one of these. Better, have one safe and sound for us to see!
  • Kyriakos Proteros: Bad bunnies have boomy cars, and we had very few things that could blow up these boomy cars before. But we are different now, and we have new things to blow up these cars with. However, these bad bunnies have set up some thingy that allows them to produce even more of these cars than ever before! Why can't we have these things?
  • Kyriakos Hysteros: The bad bunnies thought the boxy boomy cars weren't enough, so they made even stronger boomy cars with bigger guns. These bad big strong boomy cars are stronger than our cars, which is not fair. However, we do have the Mega Action Cannon, which has a gun so big that it can destroy one of these with a single shot. Take that bad bunnies!

Imperial GrammateusEdit

  • Kyriakos Leptos: Robotics are the lifeline of the new world, and the natives got a good grasp of the technology. Their mastery of such technology is surprising, and they have applied themselves to making a anti-tank drone that will pose a threat to our lighter tanks.
  • Kyriakos Proteros: These tanks are of ancient design, and are in essence an expanded version of the drones. These are very simplistic, meaning individually these things can be dealt with easily. However, their simplicity makes them cheap, and their numbers are what makes these tanks dangerous. Be wary, lest we become like the Germanoi wallowing in pride against the Rousioi who they believed to be inferior.
  • Kyriakos Hysteros: The native relationship with humans seem to be very good, and the natives are adopting human technologies at marvelous speed. The Kyriakos Hysteros as they call it is just one such example of their great relationship: through the help of fellow humans the Lagikoi built factories capable of producing modern tanks like these, and they must not be underestimated.

Libertarian AdviserEdit

  • Kyriakos Leptos: These natives are... quite handy. They have a knack for mechanics not unlike ourselves, and it is painful to see them bound to the collectivist mindset that is setting them behind. These drones are about as mini-tank as you can get, and they are a match for our more lightly armored vehicles.
  • Kyriakos Proteros: The Lagikoi field old vehicles because their collectivist ideology set them behind so much that they don't have the economic means of replacing them with better tanks. Nevertheless, these tanks maybe old and primitive, but they are still rugged, able to take hits and if allowed to, dish some back. And I hear that these tanks are far cheaper than most other tanks out there, so always be wary.
  • Kyriakos Hysteros: These collectivist natives may be ideologically inferior, but they are not so technologically backwards. These tanks are much more modern, and will be a challenge even for our heavier vehicles. They are of modular design, so keep a sharp lookout for their loadout and plan a counter accordingly.

Game AppearancesEdit

Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of DoomEdit

The prototype Kyriakos Leptos makes an appearance in the game, dubbed Tank Drone. They fire high explosive shells, and while its shell has no collision damage and thus relies on explosive damage (which does not stack) making them bad damage dealers, it is immune to all damage. However, it doesn't draw aggro nor tank hits for the allied forces, limiting its usefulness.

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and Imperium NovumEdit

Kyriakos Proteros
Classification Medium Tank
Specifications 80mm smoothbore cannon (80 rounds), optionally a machine gun
Mass 19.5 tons
Protection 50mm on side and front, 40mm on back and top
First Galactic War and Imperium Novum Game Data
Hit points 250
Armor 2 Medium
Cost 130 ore
Build time 230 acts
Weapon Tank Shell (10 AT damage, cooldown 30 acts)
Production and Tech Requirements War Factory, None
Commoners' Legion Data
Hit points -
Armor Medium Vehicle
Cost -
Production and Tech Requirements Ergasterion
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) 100mm Smoothbore Cannon (1/35), Coaxial Machine Gun (100/300)

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Kyriakos Hysteros
Classification Main Battle Tank
Specifications 110mm smoothbore cannon, 2 sponson weapon slots, 2 side turret weapon slot, 1 top turret weapon slot
Mass 34.5 tons
Protection 100mm on side and front, 80mm on back and top
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 1900
Armor Medium Vehicle
Cost -
Production and Tech Requirements Ergasterion
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) 110mm "Dikaios" Smoothbore Cannon (1/35)
Support Equipment Options

Sponson choices:

  • Machine Gun
  • Smoke Blower
  • Directed Shield

Top Turret Choices:

  • Drone Control
  • Aspis Active Protection System
  • Medkit
Max Support Equipment 2, 1 from a combination of sponson and side turret attachments, 1 top turret attachment

Kyriakos Tanks remain the staple tanks of the Territorial Independence Army, although the series is expanded beyond the original Proteros. The Kyriakos Leptos Euerkes is the anti-vehicle drone of the army and one of the earlier options for an anti-vehicular option. It is equipped with a basic turret gun, although it can be upgraded into the Laser turret for longer range and better anti-armor firepower.

The Proteros Epidoseus is the older primary battle tanks of the Territorial Independence Army, having a cheap cost and decent durability making it the most cost efficient vehicle if only considering armor-to-armor combat.