Name Affiliation Date of Birth Ethnicity Mass Height
Kallistrata Pellaia Arche Hellenike 7/20/1991 Strategoi, Culturally Hellenis Makedonike 356kg 160cm
Areus Megas Territorial Independence Army 5/8/2032 Lagikos Seleonios 92kg 160cm
Sematia Aiakida Posterity of The Sentinels, Phrourion 7/4/2044 Hellenis Aiakida 78kg 184cm
Luna Argenta Posterity of The Sentinels, Phrourion 7/11/2048 Unknown 55kg 174cm
Usuma Al-Shadid Arche Hellenike 12/10/1983 Saudi Arab 71kg 189cm
Shareef Al-Shadid Arabic Movement for Independence 3/10/1959 Saudi Arab 72kg 191cm
Charim Posterity of The Sentinels 12/27/2020 Aithiopikos Ioudaios 69kg 180cm
Gwak Mong Ju Baekryeoh 10/28/2028 Koreates 65kg 175cm
James Galt Tropas Libre 6/25/2039 Amerikanos 62kg 177cm
Andy Nairm Tropas Libre 2/2/2001 Amerikanos 69kg 182cm
Episteme (Ji-Hye Choi) Arche Hellenike 9/15/2043 Koreata 64kg 176cm
Noumenia Aiakida Posterity of The Sentinels 10/17/2046 Hellenis Aiakida 51kg 169cm
Helenos Aiakides Posterity of The Sentinels 1/19/2048 Hellen Aiakides 74kg 188cm
Aither Aiakides Posterity of The Sentinels 4/14/2050 Hellen Aiakides 61kg 171cm
Alkyoneus Aiakides Posterity of The Sentinels 2/23/2015 Hellen Aiakides 64kg 178cm
Lanassa Aiakida Posterity of The Sentinels 5/28/2017 Hellenis Aiakida 55kg 173cm
Elene Hanley Posterity of The Sentinels 11/17/2045 Western European 56kg 175cm
Lyra Myres Posterity of The Sentinels 2/9/2047 French-English Hybrid 51kg 170cm
Hebe Meteora Posterity of The Sentinels 3/8/2048 Hellenis Amerikanike 55kg 164cm
Petra the Mechanic Posterity of The Sentinels 8/19/2046 Syriaka 60kg 176cm
Hekkaidekanyx Arche Hellenike 8/31/2037 Hellenis 61kg 169cm

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