Makedonia (Sphere Greek: Μακεδονία) is a region in Megale Patris. To the namesake of the region, its representative polis is none other than Pella. Makedonia is located at the southeastern portion of Megale Patris.


Most of Makedonia is gently sloped grassy plains, although unlike the likes of say the Great Plains of the United States, the Makedonian plains have plenty of trees enough to differentiate it from the dry plains of Terra, but not enough to classify it as forest. Although it is lightly wooded for the most part, Makedonia also has its treeless plains, forests, and mountains as well. Makedonia is also the region in which the Attikai Mountains are located, and Makedonian Spheres have taken advantage of mineral resources of the Attikai Mountains. It is said that Pella derives 100 Synpragmatones of silver from the mountains. Makedonia also takes part in sharing the Libane forest with the regions of Chalkedon and Arkadine, and before the spheres' shift to a metal-based paradigm, also took part in harvesting the Panes trees that make good material particularly in construction and shipbuilding.

Makedonia is also noted for its artificial canal and lake: the lake was expanded on by the Pellan spheres, and they built the Ochetos Ploutonos to connect the lake to the Okeanos. Given that the lake is artificial, Makedonia boasts good infrastructures for shipbuilding, and have always boasted the best drydocks in the land.

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  • The name Pella is also the name of the capital of the ancient Makedonian kingdom. Pella is the second capital of the ancient Makedonia, moved from Aigai by King Archelaos I.