Mechanohiereis, or Machine Priests, are an elite class of Sphere infantry, specializing in repairs and support functions. Hence they are basically combat engineers, with a great focus in engineering.


The religion of Arete was one of the few religions open to technological advances, as the religion of Arete itself was built on not solidified dogma, but rather on key values such as self-sufficiency. Of course, self-sufficiency has led spheres into developing machines to help with their high caloric requirements, and technological development that would have been feared in some other religions was not suppressed by Arete, but rather, encouraged by its small clergy as stable food supplies also meant the clergy could expect more in religious donations to supplement their own earning. Gradually, the tech-friendly nature of the Arete's priests would result in a branch of Arete involved in the tending of the machines: the machines toil and perhaps break, and the new machine priests would be there to aid in the repairs if conventional mechanics weren't enough. As the difference between the clergy and the laity grew fainter by time, Mechanohiereis would eventually come to make up most of the Arete's clergymen, and by time becoming its most conspicious organization.

As the machine priests were assigned some of the most difficult repair given the last resort nature of the machine priests and were removed if they could not, the number of Mechanohiereis were always on the short side. Nonetheless, these clergical mechanics are perhaps one of the most valuable assets of the TIA, as they provide invaluable services such as repairing equipment, demolitions, and field construction.

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