Minutemen are Tropas Libre vehicles. They are an quick-strike vehicle that inherits the dual-purpose aircraft/vehicle transformer concept from the Red Alert 3's Mecha/Jet Tengu and the Viking from Starcraft II.


Randia has been a world most similar to the wild west, where guns were important aspect of the daily life. The dominance of libertarian ideology in Randia meant the threat of potential "government tyranny" was felt real enough to warrant ownership of a gun. This also meant disputes could go deadly, since the legal authority wasn't necessarily viewed as the supreme adjudicator.

While Randia's landscape soon would be dotted with densely populated cities that would make poor condition for these transformer vehicles, it is also filled with open lands, either barren or sites of industrial complexes that only take a small portion of the lands, ideal for vehicles like these. Self-defense organizations that existed before the dominance of Tropas Libre, more often than not essentially identical to mafias, often had armed motorized armed men to defend their territories, and the wide open spaces and the industrial complexes to be seized were soon contested over. The minutemen that were developed helped spur the paramilitary conflict around the valued sites.

Eventually, the Tropas Libre beat back the strongest of the said organizations and subjugated these mafias, ending the war economy and providing Randia temporary peace, at least until squalor proved to be a problem caused by the stratification that resulted from the peacetime libertarian economy lacking in welfare. However, these vehicles remained in Randia, and so were used in their bid to secure a claim to Polysiton in the Second Lampardian War.

In-game AppearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Commoners' Legion Data
Hit points 825
Armor (Special) Light Vehicle/Light Aircraft
Cost x Requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Motor Pool
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Dual Machine Gun (400/1600)

These are the most basic vehicles of the Tropas Libre in E.A.B.E.: Commoners' Legion. They are also the premier light raiders, not only boasting fast movement speed especially in paved roads, but also the ability to transform into a low-altitude fighter of sorts that can harass infantry columns and fight against lighter aircrafts with armor thin enough for machine guns.

While the Minuteman may have among the best mobility in the game, perhaps surpassing even the Posterity's Stingray, it also has very low durability given the necessity of attenuation and lightening needed to support flight. Because of this, this vehicle is vulnerable even to lighter anti-personnel weapons.