Neophytai Hieromachoi, or the Neophyte Crusaders, are a type of heavy infantry of the Arche Philhellenike, specifically of the Meris Sphyron. With experience, the Neophytai become full-fledged Hieromachoi.



Neophytai are equipped in a manner similar to the Skopoi Epibatai, namely that they wear the Psilos armor in comparison to the standard thorax worn by a standard Epibates. However, they generally have more advanced weaponries: the consecrated bolos (Hieros Bolos) and the Axine Pammeka, a polearm-weapon with pulsing energy as a result of the Areios attachment. As situation dictates, the Neophytai are equipped with more heavy weapons, such as the Hieropotamos and the Hieropatagos, as well as the more conventional heavy weapons such as  the Bolos Patagikos Barys, autocannons, etc.

In-Game AppearanceEdit

Neophytai Hieromachoi
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 800 per squad member
Armor Heavy Infantry
Cost 380 requisition, reinforcement 200 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Naos-Strategeion, requires Sacred Icon
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 2/4
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Hieros Bolos (20/100), Axine Pammeka (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Bolos Patagikos Barys, Hieropotamos, Hieropatagos
Max Support Equipment 2
One-shot weapons Phlox Baptisme, Bolos Makros Mechanikos Haplous, Katapeltikophetes

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Neophytai Hieromachoi are a support-oriented infantry available to the Arche, and are available to them as soon as a Sacred Icon upgrade is done at the Naos-Stratopedon, which requires a Skeuotheke. They are only marginally weaker than the standard Epibates in terms of HP, although their bolos is not explosive, meaning their ability to deal with light infantry and light vehicle is less than that of the standard Epibatai with the Bolos Patagikos. However, their basic ranged weapons are very effective against heavy infantry, and their melee capabilities are far above that of the standard Epibates equipped with a knife. With the exception of the sacred weapons, the Neophytai support equipments are largely one-shot: the Phlox Baptisme is a basic one-shot weapon much akin to the Rhabdos Aretes of the Peripolai, although the Phlox Baptisme is an primarily anti-infantry weapon with a far higher burst damage than a molotov. Another is the light mortar: although the light mortar itself is not one-shot, it is excluded from the support equipment slot, although only one can be carried at a time, and the ammunition is limited to 3.