Pandora is a support vehicle in service of the Posterity of The Sentinels in the Second Lampardian War.


Pandora is a support vehicle, having no combat value whatsoever. It is however important to a Posterity army, as Pandora unfurls into an Outpost, which is the primary way of establishing territorial control by the Posterity in the Commoners' Legion.


Having tasted humiliating defeat by the Infantids of the Evil Baby Corporation pre-First Lampardian War, the Sentinel lapsed away to be succeeded by its progeny, the Posterity of the Sentinels. Under the charismatic leader Charim, the Posterity reformed the army which was desperately lacking in the First Lampardian War, in which the Posterity roles were largely of a supportive one, taking the role of meat shields, flankers, or fire support, but never independent action. Turning towards a more guerilla option given the nature of Polysiton, the Posterity adopted a completely new paradigm based in mobile bases and underground operation. Pandora would be one of the many components in the new Posterity system.

In-Game DataEdit

Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 5000
Armor Heavy Vehicle
Cost 2500 Requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Produced at Garage, requires 4 power
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) None
Max Support Equipment 1

The Pandora is a mobile base unit similar to the Mobile Command Vehicle, both of which are based upon the Command and Conquer concept of mobile base, Pandora based on the Tiberian Twilight Crawlers, and the Mobile Command Vehicle Mobile Construction Vehicle. Pandoras are vital to the Posterity, as it provides much needed Foundation slot, and thus, establish local bases and by extension a place of unit maintenance. Pandora is based on the Crawler, and thus a Posterity commander can choose the class of the Pandora, which affects its usage. Pandora vehicles are built at the beginning as either an Offensive Pandora, a Defensive Pandora, and a Support Pandora, all having identical cost and stats but different usage and facilities.

Offense-oriented Pandora come with native manufacturing capabilities, and thus it can innately produce Hovercycles and Haploi and effectively doubling as both a barrack and a garage. However, more advanced infantry still require a barrack, advanced vehicles require a machine shop, and all power requirements must be met.

Defense-oriented Pandora doubles as a bunker and a repair facility, allowing infantry and vehicle to be garrisoned inside allowing the former to fire out and the latter to be repaired. While repairs aren't as fast as that of an machine shop, having one will increase the repair speed.

Support-oriented Pandora doubles as a Drone Control, allowing it to hold a Peregrine and launch it for a general sweep or allow for a shorter travel distance towards a designated call.