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Meizon Pella is the capital metropolis of Meizotere Hellas, and as an extension, the capital of Arche Philhellenike.


Initial FoundingsEdit

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Pella is considered the first settlement of Meizotere Hellas, given that it was the site first chosen and developed by the group under Kallistrata. As such, Pella was one of the many city-states that developed in Meizotere Hellas, a major one at that given respect from lesser city-states.

Eleutherian WarEdit


The Imperial Chamber of Governance, which holds most of the facility for administration of the fledging state, would be the undisputed center of the capital. The Imperial Chamber of Governance does not conform to the standard Hellenic Architecture, although it does adopt some of the Hellenic practices, such as long colonnades and open spaces inside the main building. As it is the center, Imperial Chamber of Governance is the central point of the Aguiai Geneseos, the largest of the roads widthwise in Meizotere Hellas. Immediate to the Imperial Palace is not houses for the rich nor nobles, but rather light industry, laboratories, and barracks, for military and industry are indispensible with the core identity of the Arche Philhellenike. Just beyond the first of the many MIC of Meizotere is the Agora Kyklika, a commerce region that rings the most guarded of the MIC and the Imperial Chamber of Governance.

On the other side of the industrial complexes lie the Phrontisterion of Meizon Pella, the most prestigious university in all of Segmentum Asia