Philhellenikoi Epibatai, or Philhellenic (Space) Marines, are an elite body of military machinery of the Arche Hellenike.


The current Epibatai are the byproduct of the Great War of Meizotere Hellas which eventually resulted in the voluntary expulsion of the money-worshippers libertarians. While the Eleutherian War was indeed the origin of the Epibatai, these units went through a significant overhaul with the disastrous start of the Xenophobic War. The Epibatai were basically the equivalent of the Greek Makedonian Phalangitai: heavily armored, armed and cohesive to a point where frontal attack on these units are all but suicidal, but inflexible. The wooded and rougher terrains surrounding Kleistos was poorly suited for the Epibatai, and these inflexible units could not simply adapt to the rough terrains and mobile units of the Lagikanthropoi. So the Epibatai became more "Romanized" in a way similar to the Hellenistic Thorakitai have become, and the traditional Phalanx role shifted towards the Argyraspidai.


Lagikos ExegetesEdit

The Hellenes across the stars have in their mighty armies what could be called horseless kataphraktoi. They are armed and armored like no other, and no infantry corp of ours can match these units one for one. They are expensive, yes, so one can expect them to be not too numerous, which is most relieving because should they be in nearly equal numbers, the result will be disastrous.

Posterity MentisEdit

These heavily armored space marines are the best crack troops that the Greeks have to offer. They will tear apart infantry with ease and aren't helpless against vehicles either. However, they aren't easy to field in significant numbers, which is a relief: a massive orbital drop can ruin our day should they have enough of these men to do it with.

Infantid SmartsmithEdit

These bad guys are big and giant. They almost look like little robots that we should have but we don't. Not only that their guns are big and boomy, so they can blow us apart if they see us, which isn't fair or fun. How do we fight them? Well... they seem to be few in numbers so we can try zappy guns.

Imperial EmpeiriosEdit

Our finest soldiers greet you, O Stratege! They are our space marines, and they are no less valiant than the mighty Hetairoi that accompanied Megas Alexandros in his campaign against the Persai, the Indoi, and the Nomadoi. Like the Hetairoi of the old, these units are not the most expendable of men. Their capabilities are great, but squander them and you will pay the price.

Libertarian AdviserEdit

These brainwashed automatons enforce government will and steal freedom away from people in the territory of the great Satanic Greco-Muslim government in our first cradle. They will steal our freedom, they will force obedience, and they will destroy our men if our men doesn't have any advantage over them. In addition, they will strike from the sky, meaning defensive lines are of little use against these filthy enforcers of government will.

Game DataEdit

Philhellenikoi Epibatai
Commoners' Legion Game Data
Hit points 1400 per squad member
Armor Heavy Infantry
Cost 650 requisition, reinforcement 325 requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Naos-Strategeion
Squad Size (starting/maximum) 2/4
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Bolos Patagikos (20/100), Knife (n/a)
Support Equipment Options Pyropneumata, Barybolos Patagikos, Plasmabolos, Akontion
Max Support Equipment 2

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

The Epibatai are among the strongest infantry in Hekastos Allotrioi Barbaron Esti, strong enough to shrug off armies of much larger size. The Bolos Patagikos is a very deadly weapon, allowing them to destroy unarmored infantry with ease, and armored infantry also prove to be of little problem to the Epibatai. These weapons can be used against light vehicles as well. Their choice of Support Weapons make them even more powerful and versatile: Pyropneumata makes them excellent assault units, able to shrug off fire while effectively removing covered and garrisoned units. Barybolos Patagikos makes them strong at entrenched situation, especially when defending. Plasmabolos makes a great burst weapon, equally useful against both infantry and vehicles. Akontion is dedicated anti-tank weapon.

As "Marines," the Epibatai's strength comes from fact that the Epibatai are not produced directly at the Naos-Strategeion but rather deployed into battlefield. They may be garrisoned inside the said structure and be repositioned into space for another orbital drop, but at a small cost.

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