Posterity of Sentinels, or the Succesors, is a faction consisting of the human survivors who were extracted from the refuge cities after the destruction of the Sentinels from which they came from. They are the principal allies of the spheres of the Territorial Independence Army, and the Posterity and the TIA are often lumped together and dubbed the Eleutheroi.


Destruction of the SentinelsEdit

Infantids of the Evil Baby Corporations had made their way to Polysiton for some times, and by G2044, the EBC had launched attacks on the Sentinel settlements, overruning most of them by mid G2045. However, a spark of hope came in the form of Areus Megas, who had confronted a EBC warband at the borders of Braxis and Arrybia. Here Areus discovered a ruined Sentinel outpost, where he would find Charim, a survivor, as well as the Destinybringer. Charim would be a key ally of Areus Megas afterwards, recovering robotic technologies enough to run field tests as well as to aid Areus Megas in dealing with the sheer numbers of infantids.

First Lampardian WarEdit

The Sentinels originally believed the Infantids to be harmless. As such, they did little to investigate them, a move that would prove fatal when the Infantids started attacking the settlements in order to claim Polysiton as their own.

Seeing as the Infantids occupied most of the lands, the Sentinels had to lay low in underground cities, occasionally receiving data through still-functional robots out in the open which grew increasingly open to risk of looting. However, this trend was reversed when Areus Megas managed to liberate a robotic outpost at the Arrybian border, allowing the Sentinels contact with the Lagikoi once more.

Sentinels initially played only a minor role in the early stage of the Lampardian War: the shock caused by the Infantids remained a factor that adversely affected the morale of the Sentinels. However, with the overhaul of the faction into the Posterity, they grew more active in the war effort. While the liberation of Western Megale Patris was almost entirely Lagikoi operation, the Posterity played some role in the siege on Argyria and later Archaia. The Sentinels once again grew less willing to fight after the disaster at the Second Battle of Argyria that left much of the Lagikoi forces of the Territorial Independence Army crippled.

As the Posterity grew more pessimistic, it didn't help that an outcast, Sematia Aiakida, popped out of nowhere and proposed what seemed like a very outlandish move. Nonetheless, the decisive victory at the Battle of Telemantros once again restored morale to the Posterity, and the Posterity would then become no less active partner in the ending stages of the First Lampardian War.

Second Lampardian WarEdit


The Posterity of the Sentinels boast a diverse culture, not surprising given the diverse mix of ethnic and cultural groups that formed the Sentinels who settled on Polysiton.

The Posterity of the Sentinels are noted for a high number of technically gifted people: engineering and mechanical arts became a tradition of sorts among the Posterity, mainly because the Lagikoi supplied them with machinery to help the Sentinels settle and develop the land. Because of this, schools of mechanical engineering popped throughout Sentinel settlements, and this served as the background for engineers and mechanics like Sematia Aiakida who singlehandedly industrialized the entirety of Euxeine and also became the leading figure in Posterity's military technology, and less well-known but still competent figures like Petra the Mechanic, Hebe Meteora who has started the new generation of hover vehicles yet to leave experimental stages, Luna Argenta, who is among the Pretty 4 Cadets and the cadet who specializes in robotics, and Egnatius, who specializes in miniaturized manufacturing.


As the Posterity are direct successors of the Sentinels, the Posterity technology surpasses the Lagikoi. However, the Posterity has helped Lagikoi technologically, helping to fill gaps in the technological chain that the Lagikoi had such as refrigeration and chemistry.

Notable FiguresEdit


Aiakidai familyEdit

  • Alkyoneus Aiakides - Patriarch of the Aiakidai
  • Lanassa Aiakida - Matriarch of the Aiakidai
  • Sematia Aiakida - Manufacturer-General, Head of the Phrourion
  • Noumenia Aiakida - Member of the Rider Synod (Rider Champion)
  • Helenos Aiakides - Gunny Sergeant
  • Aither Aiakides


  • Pretty 4
    • Elene Hanley - Specializes in chemistry
    • Luna Argenta - Specializes in robotics
    • Lyra Myres


  • Petra the Mechanic
  • Hebe Meteora
  • Egnatius Lorraine
  • Rhesus Lee
  • Darius Acris
  • Ganbaatar - De facto leader of the Rider Synod

Appearance In GameEdit

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and Imperium Novum Posterity of the Sentinels is one of the 3 playable factions along with Territorial Independence Army and the Evil Baby Corporation. The Posterity takes the role of the powerhouse faction, fielding the most powerful units, but also the most expensive ones. Posterity's Spacestrip system makes the Posterity the most difficult faction to mass produce units, which they make up for various support powers, most importantly the missile launch pad that allows them to launch devastating warheads against the enemy.

The Posterity in the game featured no infantry, as the canon storyline dictates that it is after the First Lampardian War in which the Posterity finds most of the human population that were once the part of the Sentinels.

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

Posterity of the Sentinels is a returning faction in the Commoners' Legion along with the other two that were introduced in the prequel (and the first game, the Mundane Exploration of Cyan Sphere of Doom).

The Posterity roughly takes the role of the Guerilla, having relatively fast units and high firepower in exchange for durability, which is reflected on the introduction of more militaristic societies such as the Arche Philhellenike. The Posterity also has the most unique of the base-building mechanics: instead of the more traditional building mechanics featured by the other factions, the Posterity uses the Foundation system, which features foundations that are assigned to Posterity's hub structures from which the Posterity army builds all structures. The Posterity starts out with the Command Base, which features the most number of foundations, and expands by building the Pandora vehicle, which unpacks into the outpost that grants the Posterity more foundations to build on. Likewise, the Posterity technological advancement is also different from the other factions: the Posterity operates not on a tier system, but instead operates on power (which can be gained by building generators), a unique secondary resource that is local to each hub structures. This prevents Posterity from building high-tech units from a forward factory, although the hub-based system also prevents the penalty towards forward factories (and to a lesser extent, armories) that most other factions have, giving Posterity armies interesting choices all while encouraging forward bases with which to establish map control.

Shortly, Posterity inherits its system from Command and Conquer (for the actual deployment of Foundation and mobile bases), and Halo Wars (for its tech system and the usage of Foundation, although the building slot system exists in other games such as Battle for Middle-Earth 1.)

At a glanceEdit

Faction Color: Orange

Gameplay Style: Subversive harassment, quick strikes based on mobile forward bases

Preferred fields of operation: difficult terrain, preferably water-bound

Strength: Strong logistics based on mobile bases, quick units less bound by terrain, high firepower, effective pinpoint assassination ranging from the Peregrine's precision strike to the Cyber Ninja's arbalest.

Weakness: fragile units, high cost


  • Charim
Specializes in Guerilla Attack.
  • Hovercycles, Stingrays and Panthers are 15% Faster.
  • Cyber Ninjas have Advanced Cloaking by default.
  • Unique Ability: Camouflage - Grants the target unit stealth, which is broken if it takes any action.
  • Alkyoneus Aiakides
Specializes in Intelligence
  • All units have 25% Increased vision range.
  • Hovercycles may place Sensors.
  • Unique Ability: Track - Enemy Unit targeted shares vision with Alkyoneus.
  • Helenos Aiakides
Specializes in Infantry.
  • Infantry have 20% more HP.
  • Infantry units have the Swift Move ability that grants them temporary movement speed bonus.
  • Unique Ability: Gunny Sergeant - Adds one Vindicator unit to any friendly Infantry Squad.
  • Hebe Meteora
Emphasizes Aerial Attack.
  • Hover Jumps recharge 33% Faster.
  • Peregrines have twice the durability.
  • Unique Ability: Rearming Deck - Creates the said building which can house and arm Peregrines, while also allowing hover vehicles to charge Jumps twice as fast.






Prologue-only Campaign UnitsEdit

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