Pyrgion, plural Pyrgiones, is a type of garrisonable structure that is to appear on Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' Legion.

Background Edit

The need to keep watch over land is a need that most societies face, and in the case of the Lagikoi, this need is significantly marginalized but not eliminated: the lack of hostile species post-Pachydermic Wars and the lack of deviant behavior on the Lagikoi part drastically reduced the need to have watchtowers to keep watch for intruders. On the other hand, these towers had some use in the very peaceful Lagikoi society, namely to keep watch over the travelers and to serve as points of reference for pathfinding given the Lagikoi history of being organized in independent poleis resulting in disunited road systems that were connected rather sloppily after the Pachydermic Wars and the resulting Synhedrion.

The Evil Baby Corporation assault on Polysiton made these sturdy towers minor yet relevant tactical points, for they provide good vantage points especially in light of rather poor marksmanship demonstrated by both the Infantids and the Lagikoi.


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