Second Lampardian War
Part of Lampardian Wars
Date G2065 onwards
Location Polysiton
Result In Progress
Territorial Independence Army, Posterity of Sentinels, Rhakotean Nomarchy Evil Baby Corporation Tropas Libre
Commanders and leaders
Areus Megas, Aristokrates, Alexandros Argeades, Nikator Halphios, Ptolemaios Nikator Kakistargyrion, Strythio, Brabantio James Galt (Tropas Libre)
Spheres: Most of the Sphere Poleis, military servicemen estimated around 3,250,000


Around 11,000,000 League: 3,628,000, Union: 2,857,500

Second Lampardian War is the conflict that succeeds the original conflict between the Evil Baby Corporation and the Eleutheroi that is the First Lampardian War. However, this conflict is complicated by the introduction of other foreign powers to Polysiton, namely the Arche Philhellenike and the Tropas Libre.