Region Braxis Peninsula
Classification Polis
Affiliation Territorial Independence Army, Eleutheroi
Language Sphere Language
Population Around 5,000,000
Seleon (Sphere and Greek: Σελεον, -ος) is one of the greatest of Sphere Poleis. It is the representative polis of the region of Braxis Peninsula, and it is the home polis of many named spheres, including Chremonides and Areus Megas.

Rise to importanceEdit

Seleon was one of the poorer choices of a polis, given that it was close to Mount Helion, reducing arable land. Moreover, Braxis was one of the more dangerous regions of Polysiton, home to the most number and diversity of predator species, a rarity in Polysiton. Not only that, Mount Helion itself was one of the major nesting places of the pachyderms, which was certainly not helpful for the residents of Seleon.

However, Seleon turned from a laughingstock of a polis to one of the most influential polis with the coming of the Pachydermic Wars, as Seleon's surroundings forced its residents to be more hardy. In fact, Seleon tended to be much more militaristic than an average Sphere polis, and it was not surprising that Seleon was the polis that implemented militaristic socialism much akin to the Ancient Greek polis of Sparte. It was with the Pachydermic Wars which led to the rise of the tyrant Chremonides, who was not only aggressively attacking the pachyderms (and destroying the nesting grounds in Mount Helion), but also the one to create the military culture unique to Seleon. With Seleonite spheres gaining experience, other poleis, especially the wealthy Phovellis, actively sought out Seleonite warbands, although Chremonides himself explicitly discouraged mercenary economy. With Chremonides putting a halt to privateering, poleis seeking to enlist Seleonite help had to go directly through Chremonides and his council. This resulted in Seleon becoming a very important city, even though Sphere politics rarely if ever became confrontational.

Seleon would remain a mighty military presence, and even with the arrival of the Babies and the subsequent invasion of Polysiton that would result in the First Lampardian War, Seleon would be independent of EBC rule. Even though Seleon would remain independent, it was nevertheless hurt by the EBC conquest of many trading poleis, which cut down a good portion of Seleon's supply of food. Seleon itself grew desperate even more so as the Phovellian-led (and founded in Argyria) Koinon Syllogon suffered a huge defeat at the Battle of Makrokeraia (Long Horns) which resulted in the death of its leader, Antimachos Argyrios. Here comes perhaps the most important of the spheres, Areus Megas (or Cyan Sphere of Doom), who was critical in harassing a EBC warband singlehandedly. Areus Megas would then proceed to create the Territorial Independence Army to fight back the EBC, and with the help of the remaining Sentinels, win the First Lampardian War.

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