Shelters are a class of EBC structures, used to denote makeshift shelters to keep the infantid troops fairly safe, at least, far safer than to expose them to the elements outside.

Game DataEdit

Commoners' Legion Game Data
Production and Tech Requirements Baby Camp or Tribeshouse

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Shelters are one of the most basic structures of the EBC armies. They function essentially as very poorly built makeshift bunkers in which EBC infantries can rest to restore health more quickly if out of combat, and also fire out of it if in combat. Shelters are the most fragile of all structures, built from whatever that is salvaged, or less frequently, material requisitioned from a depot. Nonetheless, some protection is better than none, although the garrisoned troops work in lines established by Dawn of War 2 rather than Command and Conquer in that units inside the shelter (or any other garrisoned building for that matter) can still take damage.