Singijeon (Korean: 신기전, Hanja: 神機箭, lit Divine Machine Arrow) is a type of ammunition used widely by the Korean armies of the Korean extraterrestrial kingdoms of Segmentum Asia. It is based on the historical weapon of the same name, having a similar effect.


The Singijeon is a self-propelled rocket that first initially launched from a platform or compact launcher either by igniting the Singijeon's propulsion system, or directly launching it on its own, leaving Singijeon's propellant to ignite later on. The former method generally tends to be more effective when it comes to close range, dramatically increasing the stopping power at short to mid range combat. The latter method is far more effective in long-range, dramatically increasing the effective range of the weapon. For simplicity in maintenance, most Singijeon launchers use only one of the methods: whereas the non-ignition launchers tend to be easier to manufacture, the equipment needed to launch the projectile at high initial speed increases the cost of the weapon.

The most standard launcher is the Hwajeongung, which is a semi-automatic launcher that is most akin to the repeating crossbow. The second common launcher is the Hwajeonchong, which is a launcher rather similar to the hiya zutsu of the Japanese, only much more portable with a stock for the shoulder. The former is a non-ignition launcher, whilte the latter is of the ignition type.

Combat UsageEdit

Singijeon has been a staple in the militaries of the Korean Kingdoms, mostly used either against each other or against the Infantids of the Asia Eaters. Singijeon's stopping power and sheer destructiveness kept it in style, and despite some of the more progressive thinkers of the Korean Kingdoms mostly from Baekryeoh Kingdom viewing it as a primary source of military stagnation and complacency, the development of Bolos Patagikos by Kallistrata inspired by the Singijeon demonstrated the effectiveness of the weapon, even as the Arche Hellenike continues to use the native Aktinobolos as its primary weapon.

They also are the primary ammuntion used by the light artillery Hwacha, and the integration of the basic ammunition to the light artillery makes Hwacha a very cheap and common weapon in Baekryeoh forces, often used as a makeshift squad support weapon and/or squad-based bombardment should more sophisticated equipments not be available.