Territorial Independence Army
Species Lagikoi
Location Polysiton
Languages Lagikoi Greek, New Koine Greek
Nation Colors Deep Blue
Notable Members Areus Megas, Nikator Halphios

Territorial Independence Army (Unaccented Greek: Χωρικος Στρατος Ελευθερων, lit. Land-bound army of the free men), is a Lagic organization created by Areus Megas since G2041. It is open to all Lagikoi as well as friendly philoi, and it is the subdivision of the Eleutheroi, containing the Lagikoi.


The Territorial Independence Army operates in a very similar fashion to many of the Greek alliances, such as the League of Corinth in which member poleis supply troops and supplies as directed in a council, amount determined by its size and strength. The Territorial Independence Army is headed by the Strategos Autokrator, a position filled by its founder Areus Megas, backed and advised by the Synhedrion whose main meeting hall is located in Phovellis.

The Synhedrion is a bicarmeral organization, having a lower house, the Bouletai based on population (although not necessarily proportional to it), as well as an upper house, the Dikaion based on fixed representation, having 2 representatives per polis. As for the Bouletai

Polis Representatives Rough Real-Life Equivalent
Phovellis 14 Athenai
Seleon 8 Sparte
Rhakotis 13 Alexandreia
Argyria 5 Phokis
Telemantros 11 Syrakousai
Bylazora 3
Hydropolis 6
Berenikaia 11 Amphipolis
Halphiai 4
Cheiles 4
Argis 6
Heliopolis 7 Delphoi
Naupaktos 6 Korinthos
Emporion 8 Emporion
Tanis 7
Trisphaion 6
Epicharis 5
Pyndares 5
Leucharos 4

However, there are independent factions inside the Territorial Independence Army, which operates how it please unless directed otherwise by the Strategos Autokrator. One such independent faction is the Rhakotean Nomarchy.

Military HardwareEdit

Lagikoi are behind in terms of firepower when compared to other outside forces, such as the Tropas Libre, which was particularly fond of personal firearms given its libertarian nature, as well as the technologically advanced interests such as the Arche Hellenike. While human civilizations overpower the Lagikoi in terms of firepower, the Lagikoi of the Territorial Independence Army is a respectable military force, having access to natively produced guns making them only lesser in raw firepower to the forces of the Lagikanthropoi, and not by much.

To counteract the lack of raw personal firepower, Lagikoi weaponries emphasize key aspects of modern warfare: mobility (with firepower), as well as flexibility. Areus, as an inventor/adventurer before turning into a supreme commander, emphasized flexibility. As such, Lagikoi utilize their well-developed robotic technology, utilizing drones and automatic machines frequently. Given the strength of their support equipments, TIA can generally outmaneuver its opponents.

In addition, TIA grows stronger with the level of mechanization: motorized units in the form of the Hippeis are very effective at harassing enemies or hitting their weak points, and although TIA MBTs are generally weaker than those of the human civilizations, TIA MBTs are cheaper, and in the case of Kyriakos Hysteros, flexible on top given its modular system. Most importantly, TIA most actively utilizes the Lagikoi mastery of production robotics, and thus they possess mobile manufacturing centers that can replenish munitions in the field with sufficient raw materials, made readily available by the presence of Areios crystals.

Appearance in GamesEdit

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Galactic War and Imperium Novum Territorial Independence Army is one of the 3 playable factions along with Posterity of the Sentinels and the Evil Baby Corporation. TIA fills the role of the balanced army, having a mix of diverse infantry and a good set of vehicles. The later infantries are quite specialized, having good abilities to support the army, but not to the extent of the Posterity support powers.

Cyan Sphere of Doom: Commoners' LegionEdit

Territorial Independence Army is a returning faction in the Commoners' Legion along with the other two that were introduced in the prequel.

The Territorial Independence Army continues to take the role of the balanced army, once again having a fairly powerful and medium-cost units. Here, the Territorial Independence Army becomes a bit more flexible and technical, as they have a diverse set of support equipments unlocked from constructing a Skeuotheke. TIA is superb at defense, as TIA can build automated turrets and sandbags/bunkers for cover, the latter only available in lines of supply, and the former a rather expensive choice. As a balanced faction, TIA isn't as strong as the more technologically advanced factions in direct combat, and must make up for it with numbers and technique.

While TIA isn't as strong as the other factions with sophisticated equipment, TIA makes up for it with robust units, and balanced units. While a Kyriakos Proteros Epidoseus isn't a battle-winner as is say a Cyber Ninja, it is a cost-effective and balanced tank that has great durability, a huge advantage in the early game in which most other factions have much more fragile vehicles of various firepower. TIA also have strong mobile units such as the Hippeis, so they are very flexible in that TIA can work with both defensive and offensive playstyles.

At a glanceEdit

Faction Color: Blue

Gameplay Style: Mechanized attacks based on defense and counterattack

Preferred fields of operation: rough terrain for defense

Strengths: cost-effective infantry, strong light vehicles, great defensive choices, above-average mobility

Weaknesses: general lack of sophisticated equipments, lacks permanent heavy burst, lack of specialized late game unit


Specializes in Consumables and Equipments
  • Support Equipments and Consumables are 25% Cheaper, and many have enhanced abilities.
  • Skeuothekai are 50% Cheaper and builds twice as fast.
  • Unique Ability: Instant Tank - Spawns a Kyriakos Leptos Euerkes instantly near an friendly infantry squad of choice.
  • Nikator Halphios
Specializes in Mobile Warfare
  • Hippeis Aioreioi and Hippeis Eukykloi have 25% more Durability.
  • Kyriakoi Proteroi Epidoseis and Kyriakoi Hysteroi may transport one Infantry squad.
  • Unique Ability: Lightning Warfare - Increases speed of Motorized units and Vehicles by 33% and causes the first attack after this ability is applied to deal twice the damage.
  • Parmenion Argyrios
Specializes in Static Defense
  • Infantry heal 3 times as fast when not moving for some period of time.
  • Teicheia are produced 25% Faster.
  • Unique Ability: Fortify - Repairs Teicheiai in a target area, while reducing damage taken by units in the area by 20%.







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