War Caravan is a Tropas Libre vehicle. It is the supply vehicle of the Tropas Libre faction, and arguably the most versatile of the supply units.


Before Tropas Libre established itself as the preeminent power in Randia, petty disputes between the strongmen that formed self-defense organizations often evolved into gunfights. Given the rampant usage of guns, it was only natural that the firearm industry was booming. The firearms industry were targets of the strongmen as well: many of them chose to align with a strongman, but some chose a different path: becoming a self-defense organization themselves, but of a different nature.

Whereas the more traditional mafia-like self-defense organization were territorial, the firearm manufacturer turned self-defense organization were more commercial in nature. These manufacturers will deal with anyone willing to pay the price, and unless subjugated by a strongman of far greater power, will stay neutral in most cases because more customers means more profit. Should a local warlord threaten the business, the self-defense organization will back its proclaimed right to business with arms. To that manner, most of the supply vehicles that the firearm manufacturers employed were armed and armored to keep raiders away, and it proved effective enough to get most of the strongmen to respect the rights of the firearm manufacturers, and those who did not eventually were forced into submssion by Tropas Libre, which protected the rights of these firearms dealer in the Proclamation of John's Gulch.

More successful manufacturers even had small manufacturing plants installed unto the vehicles, and these proved to be very valuable assets. The technology behind miniaturization of manufacturing was no less advanced than than of the statist rivals of Meizotere Hellas, and the enterprising spirit of the men behind it resulted in often creative designs, some effective, others just profitable.

In-game AppearanceEdit

Ε.Α.Β.Ε: Commoners' LegionEdit

War Caravan
Commoners' Legion Data
Hit points 3000
Armor Heavy Vehicle
Cost x Requisition
Production and Tech Requirements Motor Pool, Freedom Shop, Inventors' Workshop
Basic Weapon (clip/reserve ammo) Dual Machine Gun (400/1600)

These are the Tropas Libre's supply units in E.A.B.E.: Commoners' Legion. They are the most convenient of the supply units. Foremost, they are armed and quite heavily armored, so they are able to withstand great deal of harassment and can even force infantry to retreat. Secondly, unlike most supply units, the War Caravan may purchase supply on the field using requisition, which immediately replenishes supply if it is deployed into an Instant Market. Furthermore, they can be upgraded with a Manufacturing Plant, which not only allows them to generate supply at a small cost of requisition income rate, but also allows them to repair vehicles. They may be upgraded instead with a Smoothbore cannon, making them the primary tanks of the Tropas Libre.